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Association Presidents & Board Members

As a president or board member, you are in a unique position to shape the future of your association. Take the first step; review the following paragraphs and contact us to bring all the benefits of Association Runner to your association.

Take the Lead
If you're embarrased by your current web site or if you find yourself making excuses for it, now is the time for a change. Let Association Runner make you a champion in the eyes of the board. We've been in business since 1997 and we've been providing online association management tools since 2001. Let our success story be a part of your success story.

The Board of Directors
Bringing up new ideas to your Board of Directors can be a daunting task. Everyone on the Board knows somebody that knows somebody that has done a web site for their uncle's friend's company for free. Important decisions get delayed while countless time is wasted searching for a high school student that knows a lot of "computer stuff." Simply put, you get what you pay for. Volunteers come and go, but Association Runner is here to stay.

Presenting to the Board
We have worked with many Boards of Directors and we can provide you with presentation packets and references to help you present our proposal to your Board. We can do online demos and teleconferences, or in some cases we may even fly out an associate for a face to face meeting.

Don't Make the Wrong Decision
We can tell you stories of an association that went with a custom solution slapped together by a friend of the association manager. It launched six months late, over budget, ugly as sin, and with less than half the functionality of Association Runner. Making the wrong decision is costly; research your options well and go with a proven solution like Association Runner.

"No Decision" is a Decision
Choosing to table a decision until later can be a costly decision. You can waste time, you can lose members, and you can put your association at risk. One of our association contacts is constantly waiting for just the "right time." It's been 18 months and they still have not made any decision. Be decisive, choose Association Runner.

Your Association Management Company (AMC)
Association Runner has export features which allows it to integrate with almost any other software. As with any software, if we need to add a custom export for your particular AMC, we can do it. If your AMC is hesitant, it may simply be the are trying to protect their "turf." If they do not already have an online suite of applications for your association they should certainly be looking for one, or you should be looking for a new AMC.

Leave a Legacy
Bringing all the features of Association Runner to your members will leave a lasting impression. Make it a goal to ensure that your term in office isn't "just another year."

Focus Your Time
Most officers and board members are volunteers looking to gain valuable experience and make important business contacts. While they all have the best of intentions, most of them have full times jobs in addition to their position on the board. That's where Association Runner comes in. Whether you have volunteers or hired experts managing your assocation, Assocation Runner will allow you to focus your precious time on your association, not on doing paperwork.

Don't Back Down
Most people are resistant to change, especially when it comes to a well established association. In fact, a single naysayer on the board can sometimes keep the association leadership locked into doing everything the "same ol' way." Be strong and don't take "no" for an answer. We've got you covered.

Association Runner is a proven solution. Please contact us now, or take a closer look at our features.

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