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Security Measures

At Association Runner we take security issues very seriously. We utilize state-of-the-art electronic, physical, and application security to protect access to consumer credit information. The following sections detail our security measures in greater detail.
  - Electronic Security
  - Physical Security
  - Application Security
Electronic Security:
  • Server Authentication:
    Secure Sockets Layer allows you to verify that you are logged in to the real Association Runner application and not a site that is impersonating our site. Before logging on to our site, our server sends a public 'key' to your browser. SSL technology allows you to use this key to verify Association Runner's Site Certificate.
  • Data Encryption:
    Once our server has been authenticated using SSL technology, a secret 'key' will be established between your browser and our server. This key enables encrypted data transmissions. This ensures that any one 'snooping' for information will be unable to view information passed between the Association Runner server and your browser.
  • Message Authentication:
    To detect any possible message tampering between the Association Runner server and your browser, SSL technology uses a message authentication code. This code is computed using the secret encryption key established during your initial connection to the Association Runner server. Your browser verifies this code before interpreting a message from our server, and your browser will alert you of any possible security hazards.
  • Firewall:
    Consumer credit information is NOT connected directly to the Internet, it sits behind a protective firewall. The firewall prevents unauthorized access to Association Runner data by only allowing certain requests from authorized computers through. Association Runner utilizes state-of-the-art firewall technology which is ICSA Certified and recognized as an Industry standard.
Physical Security:
  • Secured Location:
    Association Runner servers are maintained in a highly secure facility to prevent unauthorized access. Security measures include intrusion sensors, secured access to the server room, administrative password protection on the server, and after hours police notification of any attempted intrusions.
  • Data Backups:
    Your data is backed up nightly to protect you against the loss of your customer information.
Application Security:
  • Passwords:
    Association Runner account access is protected by unique company login names, user login names, and passwords. These passwords are automatically validated on every page accessed.
  • Session Time-out:
    Association Runner sessions are set to time-out after an extended period of inactivity. This decreases the chance of unauthorized access if employees happen to leave their desks without logging out of the program.
  • Session Logging:
    All requests for credit information are logged. From these logs it is easy to determine who made the request, what information was requested, and when the request was made.
Association Runner has the security you're looking for. Please contact us now, or take a closer look at our demo.

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